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The World Has Gone – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of The World Has Gone (by Ozuma)

The World Has Gone and you the player must gather resources, search for survivors and defend against the raging zombie apocalypse. Set a couple of years after a viral outbreak, where most of humanity have become vial, mutated vicious zombies; you their leader, must take your team out on missions to help gather any resources and bring it back to the safety of your home base.

The World Has Gone

Home Base

Your base is home and one that needs to be protected. With no military aid, you must bring the fight from your own base. Gathering resources on missions, you’re able to upgrade the base wall defences, making them much stronger against any zombie attacks. As your base grows more resources are demanded, such as wood, metal and power.

The World Has Gone


Each mission requires a maximum 4-man team. When you head off on your quest you must choose which AI team members will accompany you. Each character has their own weapon, which depending on the mission, can sometimes help determine if the fight will be easy or hard. If a character falls in the mission, they’re taken back to the home base and require time and resources to heal. A strong team will bring the fight, so make sure your team is ready for the challenge.

The World Has Gone


Throughout the missions, you will encounter Gas Zombies, Fast Zombies, Tank’s and Juggernauts.
Bring the firepower as you charge through hoards on each mission!

The World Has Gone

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