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Theme Park Island

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Theme Park Island (by Ryan Reddick)

you will become the owner of an island theme park. Beginning with a small island, you can gradually build up your island to house your theme park world. Recruit animals and their wranglers, build new entertainment facilities, expand the park, and manage its operations. Become a theme park tycoon!

What’s unique about this game:

Differently themed island parks
You’ll be able to combine dozens of island areas with different themes, which can come together to form your theme park empire.

Theme Park Island

Hundreds of rides
You’re able to construct hundreds of different entertainment facilities to provide visitors with a wondrous entertainment experience. As you build more facilities, your park will become richer as more tourists are excited to visit your park.

Theme Park Island

Recruit animals
You can have all kinds of animals and their wranglers in your park. They each have their own strengths and can enhance the entertainment value for your patrons, increasing your income and providing new functions for your entertainment facilities.

Theme Park Island

Spin to resolve all your problems
You don’t need to bend over backwards to get what you need in the game, just spin to get the resources and characters you’re after.

Begin your journey to becoming an island park tycoon today!

Theme Park Island

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