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Thiên Thiên Tam Quốc (VN)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of Thiên Thiên Tam Quốc

Thien Thien Tam Quoc is the latest 3Q game in the general fighting strategy genre released exclusively by SohaGame. With a series of impressive awards and outstanding achievements when launching in the mainland market, Thien Thien Tam Quoc Vietnam version promises to bring brainstorming and extremely satisfying battles.

Thiên Thiên Tam Quốc

From the top 10 Chinese general card game maker, Thien Thien Tam Quoc possesses an extremely stimulating gameplay, from traditional turn-based mechanics, hundreds of builds for each hero and a multi-skill effect system. form. This is a strategy game you cannot miss!

Thiên Thiên Tam Quốc

The graphics look like: Creating a very cool martial art with the “no contact” design style, hundreds of famous characters from the Three Kingdoms period returned one after another. Countless explosive moves, eye-catching effects and unforgettable moments, never appeared in any other Three Kingdom strategy games.

Thiên Thiên Tam Quốc

The gameplay is mesmerizing: Each match will be a “brain hack”, only the main general has nearly a hundred ways of building. Unlimited skills, unexpected skill combos and thousands of tactical formations that you can create. In Thien Thien Tam Quoc, victory is in the hands of the player, creating the most “unique, unique” meta streams.

Thiên Thiên Tam Quốc
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