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Three Births Love(VN)

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The description of Tình Kiếp Tam Sinh

Three Births Love – The masterpiece of causation
Top 1 genre of first half role-playing game 2020 – Tinh Kiep Tam Sinh immerses players in the magical fairy world with a diverse sectarian system through 8 different characters.

The systems: beautiful, beautiful Vu Duc, free to marry everywhere … Promises to bring a completely different experience compared to other Tien Hiep games currently on the market.
Friends, please hurry and download Tam Sinh Tinh Kiep, role-playing to find your love and love.

The Three Births Love – The masterpiece of causation
You call this GAME, but we call it AWESOME
You call it PHAN NUMBER, we call it NHAN DUYEN
It is a pleasure to welcome you to the world of beautiful first half. Meeting you must be a good predestined relationship for us. Hopefully, Tam Sinh Tinh Kiep will help relieve all stress after school, work time and bring the best luck and happiness to you.

Tình Kiếp Tam Sinh

The Fantastic Realm – The Peak of Experience
Tam Sinh Tinh Kiep is applied with the world’s leading modern graphic technology, providing players with a large, colorful and extremely detailed world of ecstasy. The game owns a large, delicate, beautiful map system but is still optimized to suit all types of machine configurations, thereby helping players unleash the smoothest role-playing game.
Coming to Tam Sinh Tinh Kiep, players are returned to the time of Heavenly Yard – the Three Realms of War, step by step learning the religion, cultivating to transform the gods, conquering challenges – the peacefulness of the earth, becoming one of the The god of all nations admires.

Tình Kiếp Tam Sinh

Role Playing Bat Phai – Reformed Denomination
The game owns a very diverse character system with 4 groups of characters representing: Human Tribe, Animal Tribe, Spirit Tribe, Ma Tribe. Coming to Tam Sinh Tam Sinh, players are free and choose one of the first eight sects that appear: Thanh Van, Xạ Nhật, Break Quân, Vũ Tiên, Nguyệt Ảnh, Thiên Am, Hop Hoan, Ám Thiên. Accompanying it is a system of nearly 150 extremely rich skills, mutually compatible, thereby creating its own style and gameplay.

Tình Kiếp Tam Sinh

The War Tien Mon – Thong Linh Three Realms
In Tam Sinh Tam Sinh, Ba Vuong Tam Realm is not enough. With a series of PK Lien Server forms, players also have the opportunity to proclaim every Server.

Tình Kiếp Tam Sinh

Free Marriage – Coast Guard
What is more wonderful when you can find Luong Duyen in Tien Gioi? Joining the Three Births Love, you can completely enjoy the feeling of fake Game – Real Love.
In the Game, the male talent – female identity met, bonded with three realms, paralleled, crossed the village. We have been together for a long time, fully understanding each other and then choose a date to go together, go home.

Offline Trust – Full Hand Benefits
“Just sleeping is a great gift”, the mode of Offline Trust – Shutdown still has items, helping players feel secure, not afraid of being busy when busy with online work.

Tình Kiếp Tam Sinh

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