Three Kingdoms Honor Of Heroes

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 킹덤삼국 (by BLANCOZONE KR)

Strategy is king! Hundreds of strategies to your liking!
Free upbringing! Let’s raise the strongest armed forces of the Three Kingdoms!

Conquer, retake, expand!
The flames of turbulence cover the battlefield.
Strategy is the only place to lean on the fierce battlefield!
The cause of unification is on my shoulders!


Overturn the game with strategy
Play with your head rather than numbers
Restore the real Three Kingdoms battlefield as it is!
One smart strategy will turn the tide and become a loser!


A high wall of strong defense
The castle is the foundation of the country. Before there were countries, there were castles!
Gather resources, repair the wall, and build a strong holy land.


Recruit Masters
Command the battlefield with your own troops
With a heroic hogirl, you can freely choose a hundred strategies.
Let’s nurture your own strongest army!


Let’s stick with our skills on the stage
Heroes vs Heroes, who wins?
Let’s compete with skill, let’s talk with strategy.
A moment’s choice changes the world. Are you ready to win?

Created by ©PalmassGames

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