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Three Kingdoms: Honor of Heroes (CN)

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The description of 三國:英雄的榮光 (by Sister G game)

[Conquering cities and plundering land, conquering the battlefield]
The world is undecided, and wars are raging. Not only must the world be settled, but also the invasion of foreign enemies must be resisted together. In the fierce domestic and foreign wars, strategy is of the utmost importance. This task of dominating the world is left to you!


[Turning against the wind, competition strategy]
The brave wins when the narrow road meets, and the wise wins when the brave meets. Not afraid of having no troops, or not having brainpower, the game restores the resourceful battlefield of the Three Kingdoms. As long as you use your subtle strategy, you can counterattack with a few enemies and dominate the world in one battle!


[Strengthen the city wall, as solid as golden soup]
The city is the foundation of a country, the city is in the country, and the city is destroyed. The construction of cities is very important to the stability of the country. Only by collecting resources and consolidating the city walls can the city’s resilience be strengthened, and the city can go out with peace of mind.


【Big banquet, recruit heroes】
Grape wine luminous cup, urge you to drink Pipa immediately. Set up banquets, recruit heroes, expand your team, and command them to fight on the battlefield! Heroes from various countries, with hundreds of training strategies, create your own strongest team!


[Challenge the ring, show strength]
Strong showdown, who will compete. Competing for strength, more strategy, formation, order of play, hero selection, every step determines the direction of the battle. Can you win?

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