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Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos

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The description Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos

Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos would be officially launched on May 20th 11:00am (UTC+8).You can preinstall the game right now.

Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos

Relive the history of the Three Kingdoms with hundreds of Cities. Build your own city and recruit heroes, aiming to Occupy the Capital “Luo Yang” to end this Chaos Period. The fate of your country is in your hands!

Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos

Recruit Classic Three Kingdoms Heroes

Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Zhuge Liang, hundreds of Three Kingdoms Heroes await your recruitment. Upgrade and Evolve Your Heroes to get more power. Build your dream team to conquer the world!

Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos

City Governance + Military + Strategy

Build Your City, recruit Heroes and Soldiers, Research and Study Technologies, release your intelligence to become the most powerful Lord!

Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos

Play with Your Guild

It’s hard to fight with yourself in this Chaotic World. Create your guild and play with your guild members. Once your guild occupies a city, all guild members can collect Tax everyday!

Exciting World Battle

Present the original Three Kingdoms World Battle. You and your guild will fight with other warlords for cities. Occupy Capital City “Luo Yang” to be the new King!

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Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos

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