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Three Kingdoms Thrombosis (KR)

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Three Kingdoms Thrombosis (삼국지혈전)

A new Three Kingdoms game that seems familiar!
Whatever genre you like
The moment you access this game,
You can experience the battlefield

Game Control
Fine manipulation, automatic combat, and semi-automatic combat are all possible, and various results can be obtained depending on the combat method.

Growth system
The Three Kingdoms blood clot’s unique relationship system’Resonance’ makes all characters feel safe and affectionate.


Every time you awaken, special abilities are released.

Legendary horses such as red soil, enemy roads, and Jeolyeong can be given to heroes to increase their stats.


Battle Helper
In addition to heroes, try to overcome the inferiority of power by putting tanks, catapults, etc. in the logistic base into the battlefield!


Integrated server content
‘National Exhibition’, a differentiated content unique to the Three Kingdoms thrombus!
In a country battle with siege and defense to expand your territory, you can get immersed in the game all day long.

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