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Three Kingdoms War (KR)

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Three Kingdoms War (by FIREPIG LIMITED)

Your final SLG Three Kingdoms battleground depicting the great bloody battle to take over the world!
Great lord! And the hero of this time!
Are you ready to fight for everything?

One who follows the path of the monarch

  • Run the country and people with impeccable internal affairs!
  • Providing military supplies and troops based on public opinion!

One who follows the path of a warlord

  • Become the center of various heroes and save the chaos!
  • Recruit veterans from all over the world as allies and train them to be powerful helpers!

One who follows the path of a hero

  • Lead to victory on any battlefield!
  • Show the joy of exploring the military world, how a well-mannered general is blocking a million soldiers!

One who follows the path of a strategist

  • Completely crush your opponent with the best strategy!
  • Even on an unfavorable battlefield, there is always a way to victory! Strive for God’s Movement The one who gains dominance in the world
  • Compete for supremacy in massive Server Wars and Alliance War content!
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