Three Kingdoms: Warlord Rising

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The description of Three Kingdoms: Warlord Rising (by Efun Games Co., Ltd.)

The immersive free strategy Three Kingdoms game Three Kingdoms: Warlord Rising is here! Experience Three Kingdoms strategy like never before with complete freedom to set your strategy, march your troops and run your kingdom as you see fit. Your subjects await your orders, my lord!

Free Marching Gameplay Creative Strategy
Realistic battlefield with customized marching! View the terrain from afar and inspect passes up close. Make use of mist and terrain in quick, real-time strategy combat. March your troops into position to assist allies – you tap, they go! Work with allies in joint legion battles and wage war in an epic global campaign!

Three Kingdoms: Warlord Rising

A 3D Massive World Weather & Geographical Simulation
The world of Three Kingdoms comes to life in a large and infinitely scalable world map with vast ancient battlegrounds fit for your grand ambitions. From the boundless snowy tundra of the Northwest and dangerous Jingzhou, to the fertile northern lands and the high perch of Jiangdong, you’ll need to know the terrain well in order to find success and avoid the disasters of Red Cliff!

Three Kingdoms: Warlord Rising

Thrilling Siege Battle Unique Formation & Weapon
Breach the city and claim your victory! Realistic city sieges, custom combat routes, feints, distractions and stratagems! Use epic tech, launch AoE attacks with fire bulls, breach city gates with catapults and destroy arrow towers with ballistae as massive armies duel it out in fierce battles!

Three Kingdoms: Warlord Rising

Legendary Heroes & Troops Combination of Tactics
Strategy is king! Combine unique skills, 5 unit types, 10 lineups and war steeds from across the land. Appoint talented individuals to devise battle strategies and build your undefeatable army! Massacre the enemy with overwhelming force or use ingenious tactics to turn the tides of war in classic 9-grid battle layouts!

Immersive Storytelling Reverses Three Kingdoms History
Famous Three Kingdoms heroes take the stage and story encounters recreate classic moments! Dong Zhuo defeats the “chain links strategy,” Cao Cao is attacked at Huarong Route, Sun Shangxiang holds Liu Bei captive and Zhugeliang survives Plain Wuzhang, all brought to life in immersive dungeon gameplay. Will you be able to change how these classic moments end?

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Three Kingdoms: Warlord Rising

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