Three Kingdoms:GOD VS DEVIL

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The description of Three Kingdoms:GOD VS DEVIL (by Banana Game ltd)

The Three Kingdoms GOD VS DEVIL is a new idle game based on the background of the Three Kingdoms era with the addition of many new and exciting elements. Leveling up will be as easy as a breeze! This game features innovative and unconventional game mechanics. Besides, God and Devil forces, many unique heroes, features like awakening, morphing, light and dark are also included. With the uniquely designed battles and strategy plays, you can explore different lineups and hero counters, and enjoy an extraordinary Three Kingdoms game you have never had before.

The Pinnacle Showdown of God VS Devil
The Three Kingdoms GOD VS DEVIL offers an unconventional Three Kingdoms story plot by building a brand new world. This game is the first to introduce the five different factions, including God, Devil, Wei, Shu, and Wu, where the fight for hegemony and battle of wits begins! In this turbulent time, peerless heroes rise to the glorious battlefield and fight for power and glory!

Three Kingdoms:GOD VS DEVIL

Log in to get free 10 draws for an Ultimate Hero]
Enjoy a day filled with rewards at the server launch! Log in to get a free 5-star orange general and free 10 draws for a 5-star general! Complete daily events for more surprises!

Unique game design: No grinding required!
This is a true idle Three Kingdoms game that allows you to dominate the world with just 3 minutes of gameplay a day! Earn rewards any time and enjoy stress-free gameplay!

Three Kingdoms:GOD VS DEVIL

Use your wits and make brilliant tactics on your fingertips
Use unlimited strategies to create endless possibilities! Paying or having sheer number does not guarantee a win, form the best lineup with heroes from the five factions to crush the toughest enemies!

Numerous generals and unlimited ways of hero training
The Three Kingdoms GOD VS DEVIL ventures into innovative character designs that are different from the traditional ones in the market. Check out the beautiful characters such as Dark Guan Yu, Dark Lu Bu, Light Zhao Yun, Light Zhuge Liang, Dark Diao Chan and Light Zhen Ji, add them into your lineup to build your dream lineup!

Three Kingdoms:GOD VS DEVIL

Reign the world in the Cross-kingdom Battle
Join the Guess challenge and get rich quickly! Explore various gameplays such as Cross-server War, Ladder Scramble, Feudal Lords, Scramble For Hanzhong, State War, Clash of Dukes, and Supreme Rank League, and there will never be a dull moment!

Build a brotherhood in the Three Kingdoms battle
Form friendships through the various social interactions to build a strong brotherhood in the Three Kingdoms! You can create your own alliance and attack alliance bosses with your allies. Friends can also send each other gifts, lend their own generals to aid a friend, share lineup formations and join cross-server battles together!

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Three Kingdoms:GOD VS DEVIL

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