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Throne of Glory

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Throne of Glory (by higame-omg)

Throne of Glory is a brand new fantasy game consisted of elements of fire, thunder, wind, ice and earth. With glamorous light and shadow effect, it has created a vivid fantasy world.

1) Immerse in a dark fantasy world
In Throne of Glory, you will experience the whole process from a newbie to a great master that can easily kill thousands of demons and monsters. You will no longer feel like playing game but actually living in it. You can challenge powerful bosses, fight cross-server, get married, PK without restriction, etc. With joy of violent killing, glamorous rare gears and mounts, exploration with cool pets and magnificent skill effect, you do not want to miss it.

Throne of Glory

2)Multiple ways to play
With multiple dungeons, ladder match, deicide war, war of glory, guild war, you can never get bored of it. Like challenge? Forbidden hell is the place for you, where you can fight epic gods and monsters in a cross-server map that only opens to players beyond certain high level.

Throne of Glory

3)Kill with style
There are numerous choices of cool mounts, pets, wings and costumes in game. Player can make the character personal and unique by unlocking different items. However, glamorous rare items often come with great challenge. Want to create the coolest character in game? Try it!

Throne of Glory

4)Explore map beyond imagination and enjoy amazing scenes
You can never see any map of such imagination elsewhere. The amazing graphic and details of the space will certainly impress you. Player can enjoy a beautiful sight of a vivid fantasy world while playing the game.

Throne of Glory
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