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Time Defenders

Official Launch(Global) + APK

💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Time Defenders (by Vespa Inc)

Birth of futuristic strategic RPG “Time Defenders”!
A combination of a variety of stages and character skills
Experience a “future” RPG that takes players’ strategies to a new dimension.

World view
Collapsed Tokyo. At the center of it, a story that meets new hope.

A world devastated by the invasion of “Ordo”, an enemy that emerged from a crack in space-time.
The threat seemed to make people’s wishes for peace unfulfilled.

Time Defenders

However, the only organization that can resist them, “Time Defenders,” will be launched.
The story of the battle of Narugami, the boy who holds the key to fate, begins with the friends who gathered under the leader Meteus.

The battle of the boy who just wanted to save the important person in front of him turned into a story of saving the earth.

Time Defenders

Infinite combinations of various skills and strategies of over 70 characters
A powerful battle scene that unfolds in 3D. Use different skills for each character to defeat the approaching enemies!

Time Defenders

Abundant stages that require strategy and lots of content that can be enjoyed in addition to the main story.
At the main stage, the strategies required for each map are all different. In addition, many sub-contents are also available. Let’s enjoy the game “Time Defenders” that you can’t play.
In addition, it is equipped with functions that are easy for RPG beginners, such as “skip” that saves the trouble of character training and “replay” that allows you to look back on the play.

Time Defenders

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Time Defenders
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