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Time to Hunt – Monster Hunter

Official Launch(CN) – Tap + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 狩猎时刻 (by 10 Heroes Studio)

The stars of the Dragon Land have been shining for thousands of years at a time when neither human language nor memory could describe it. Since the ancestors came to the Twin Gorges and discovered this new continent, countless adventurers have flocked here regardless of their origins.


When the peace of this continent was broken, the giant eyes in the chaotic abyss gradually lit up, and the ancient master who once annihilated the sky re-sounded, the shadow covered the earth, the giant dragon descended from the sky, and the continent was brought to peace. After bringing it back, people called it the land of dragons.


But the harsh environment did not make the real adventurers shrink back. In the face of adversity, they burst into strong courage. The creator of miracles – the great hero “Sinda” led people to study the ecological habits of monsters, and forged the ecological habits that enable humans to interact with monsters. Equipped with comparable equipment with scales and claws, after the efforts of heroes of all dynasties, human beings have finally gained the upper hand in the battle of exploring new continents and monsters.


I don’t remember how long it has passed. Although the secrets of the Dragon Land have not been solved, more and more adventurers have gathered here following the footsteps of heroes of all ages. Gap changed its name to Sinda Village, and began to call itself Sinda, meaning – a tenacious and unyielding explorer. And now, your story will begin here.

Open World Hunting
The biggest goal in the game, of course, is to hunt more powerful beasts, monsters, and even dragons. You can choose to be the strongest hunter alone, or you can enjoy the thrill of hunting together with your friends. The game supports up to 4 people to jointly adventure, fight, collect, reward, special tasks and other rich combat systems, to carry out a hearty co-fighting adventure. There is no level lock system in the game, you can explore slowly as an honest person, or you can go to the advanced map to see if there is a greater gain.


Build your home freely
After the adventure, a warm home is a good place to relieve fatigue and relax by processing equipment. There are 3 architectural systems (forest, desert, and snow), and more than 200 buildable buildings can be freely matched by you. DIY your own home from 0, and turn the hunted resources into your powerful weapons to deal with more brutal battles. Of course, if you are not a hunting party, it is also a good choice to water flowers and plants every day to provide more weapons and equipment support for your friends, and turn your home into a solid backing for your friends.


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