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Time Voyager Company

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Time Voyager Company (by QCPLAY Co., Ltd.)

“Time Voyager Company” is a fantasy adventure role-playing strategy game packed with features like idle play, battle, collection, and character development.
Players become staff members at Time Voyager Co., exploring different eras in thrilling parallel world adventures along the Time River.You’ll recruit a diverse array of Followers and team up with other travelers to restore your homeland and create your own epic time-traveling adventure!

Game Features:

— Strategic Battles: Win with Surprises —
Strategize masterfully and conquer with a single strike.Boredom doesn’t stand a chance against these thrilling strategic battles! Combine Cards with auto chess in a 3×5 grid. Enjoy a varied lineup system that offers a fresh experience with each battle, and let the auto-fight feature take the strain off your shoulders!
Collect an array of Followers, advance them, and unlock higher combat stats and powerful skill effects!


— Time Travel and Mystery Tours —
An infinite world across dimensions, each journey is a new experience! Time travel comes with exciting plots that keep the boredom at bay.
Era: Steam Age, Cyber World, Mystic Cultivation Sites, and the Glory of the Tang Dynasty – join Time Voyager Co. and experience the beauty of different dimensions…
Heroes like Zhao Zilong will guard you, while Super Snail and Bird accompany you.
Adventures are more fun with multi-dimensional characters!


— Build a Community, Create a Home —
Form or join a Club, share experiences with club members, and adventure together.
Time Voyager Co. has four main departments: Oblivion, Karma, Time, and Chaos. Join us and help build the dream home of our collective vision.


— Parallel World Crisis: Journey to Honor —
The Parallel World is in turmoil, and it needs you! Protect the team, build bases, and strive to be the best department in TVC.
Beyond our world lies the Void Holy Realm, a dangerous place ruled by the Demon Lord. Compete for resources and territories to outpace your rivals and reach the Void Center.
The infinite worlds are bizarre, and the storylines are complex and entertaining! Where did the Black Pearl end up? Does the Fox Demon aspire to be a star? Let’s find out together!

Official Facebook:

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, SG, MY, MO


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