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Time Zero

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Time Zero (3F FACTORY)

horizontal scroll shooting RPG Shinbi Apt “Time Zero”
This is a game where you defeat the ghosts on your screen
within the given time
using various weapons.

Easy battle!
Weapons fire automatially!!
It is a casual game that can be enjoyed by young and old.
Easily move your character around on your fingertip.
ANYONE and EVERYONE can enjoy this game!

Time Zero

Various types of ghosts!
All of the ghosts from Shinbi Apt will be dispatched!
You’ll meet a variety of Shinbi Apartment ghosts through the game.

Time Zero

Strong weapons!
They help you get rid of multiple ghosts in one shot!
Enhance your weapons to create powerful weapons.

Time Zero

Giant ghosts!
A terrifying giant ghost appears every week!
Defeat giant ghosts and earn reward keys.
Open the Mystery Box to get various rewards!

Time Zero

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