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Titan & Dragon: Idle RPG

Early access Open Beta – EU, AM + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Titan & Dragon: Idle RPG (by Loongcheer Game)

Welcome to Titan and Dragon! Create your own exploits now and conquer the powerful dragons and Titan today!

About the Game
Titan and Dragon is an idle RPG game that allows you to collect and enhance your different heroes to unlock more adventures. Explore and defeat powerful bosses in different dungeons, PK with global players!

Long time ago, Titan defeated the ancient gods. But three huge dragons appeared. Their power is huge, and the wave of the giant wings is enough to raze the continuous forest to the ground. Even Titan was afraid of their power. Heroes will gather to fight against the ancient Titan and dragons…

Game Features

Idle system and rich rewards
– With the Idle system, your heroes never stop fighting, even when you AFK. And when you return to your phone, claim rewards and level up your heroes. You can collect rich rewards every day!
– Auto-battle, get rich loots with one click!
– All dungeons can save you time! You can get resources directly with sweep mode!

Titan & Dragon: Idle RPG

Win with strategy and unique hero features
– Free to unleash skills based on restraint between different factions.
– Heroes have captain skills. Captain skill gives the team special attributes.
– No hero is useless. All heroes can reach the highest level through star upgrade.
– You can customize your heroes’ talents to make your heroes stronger!

Titan & Dragon: Idle RPG

Various PVE gameplays
– Full of in-game dungeons! Titan Trial, Maze, Treasure, Tower of illusion and more! Challenge yourself to defeat ancient dragons, Titan, spiders and many other huge BOSS!

Titan & Dragon: Idle RPG

Social and guild system
– Play with millions of players from all over the world and share the joy of game and life!
– lead your guild to supremacy! Challenge the guild BOSS to win rich ranking rewards!
– You can redeem various resources you need in guild shop!

Official website

Official Facebook Fan Group:

Available: Google Play – Europe, America

Titan & Dragon: Idle RPG
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