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TNT Bomb: Commando


The description of TNT Bomb: Commando

TNT Bomb is a unique 3D artillery game that you will find hard to put down!
Classic modes with brand new experience. Highest control of bomb throwing

Real-time Competition without Auxiliary Line
– Numerous PVP options including 3v3,2v2 and 1v1!
– No aiming assist. Wind, angle and POW… you’ll make the call!
– Shot your way to victory in 3 minutes. Outsmart superior teams with skills!

TNT Bomb: Commando

Team Conquest, Strategic PVE
– Invite friends to play together!
– Good match-up system, say no to weak teammates!
– Perfect cooperation. Confront the danger together!

TNT Bomb: Commando

Lovers & Mentorship & Friends, You will Never be Alone Again!
– Hold a wedding to accompany your loved one
– Start a mentorship to unlock top titles
– Team up for adventures, find dependable teammates to clear stages easily!

TNT Bomb: Commando

Delicate Costumes and Cute Pets for You to Cultivate.
– Unique zodiac costumes, making everyday your lucky day!
– Four legendary beasts plus the cute panda
– Advance to unlock the ultimate form

Build up login streak to win rewards
– Login for 2 straight days for powerful weapons
– Login for 5 straight days for delicate jewels
– Login for 7 straight days for exclusive costumes

Attention: Please grant us storage access to save account and password.

Make sure you are connected to the net before starting the game.

TNT Bomb: Commando

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