Top Island: Conquer the Seas

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The description of Top Island: Conquer the Seas (by ALL9FUN Limited)

Top Island is one of a kind SEA BATTLE casual RTS mobile game which adventurers can sail through the uncharted sea and fight countless enemies by deploying multiple types of weapons on their islands. Claim victories and loot your enemies! Join now and conquer the Seas!


Fast-Pace & Auto Battle

Superfast gameplay, each battle last about 30 seconds or less! Choose between Cannon, battering ram, ballista, catapults, healing tower, and rockets. Set your layout strategically, and crush your enemies with your very own unique formations!

Top Island: Conquer the Seas

Ship Formation

Know your enemy, know yourself; winning is all about formations. There’s no best “team-comp” in Top Island, only by playing counters to the enemy can adventurers win every battle! Stuck in a stage? Reconstruct your island structure and rethink your weapons deployments!

Top Island: Conquer the Seas

Commence Trading

Tired of blood and sweat? Visit trading ports and complete commerce orders to get coins & weapons! As your trading level increase, adventurers can get rarer currencies and resources when completing orders.

Craft Weapons

After trading and looting, adventurers must take advantages of the blueprints and forge weapons of different rarity in the Workshop. Upgrade and customize the weapons with blessing, fusing, and refining. Get stronger weapons and fortify your island, then conquer the SEA!

Top Island: Conquer the Seas

Deep Sea Challenges and More

Deep Sea Challenge – Plan carefully to pick your weapons from a limited deck and place them onto your island, destroy the enemy castle to win the battle.
Sphinx – A terrifying demon hidden at the bottom of the sand. Legend says it can shapeshift at its will.
Ancient Statues- Keepers of ancient ruins in the Red Sea; the mysteries of ruins bind them together in life and death.
Abyss Council – Red is destruction, green is life, blue is hope; what’s your choice, adventurer?

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Top Island: Conquer the Seas

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