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Torchlight: IDLE

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Torchlight: IDLE (by Torchlight)

A century after the defeat of the Destroyer, the Emberstone Empire enters a state of decline. On the other hand, the dark forces making a comeback, putting Novastraia in the brink of destruction.
Facing this unprecedented crisis, you must take up your weapons and save the Empire and its people.
“Torchlight: IDLE” is licensed by “Torchlight 3.” It not only fully inherits the high-precision picture quality of the latest game but also continues the classic gameplay in Torchlight 1&2. Let you re-experience the classic adventure of Torchlight 1 to 3.

-Licensed with the original story
The story is inherited from “Torchlight 3” and extended from the original plotline. On your epic adventurer, you will not only defend against the Underworld forces in the southern region but also experience other areas such as the Underworld itself and the northern region, where you will encounter more mysterious and deadly monsters.

Torchlight: IDLE

-Carefully made with only quality in mind
This game completely inherits the image quality of Torchlight 3 and presents the southern region in its full detail. The northern region with freezing cold weather and the dark and gloomy Underworld are vividly expressed with great lighting and shadow effects, giving you an immersive adventure.

Torchlight: IDLE

-Classic Gameplay in Perfect Display
As for gameplay, this game succeeds the classic gameplay of the “Torchlight 1-3” series. Exciting and strategic combat experience, a huge variety of equipment, rich and distinctive classes, unpredictable random maps and loots will ensure you relive the very elements you enjoyed in the classic series.
This game has also added a new challenge, an infinite variety of bosses for you and your friends to challenge. In addition, the hero system has a new facelift. Rangers, Frost Mages, Barbarians, and Templars… each of them has distinct features, and they will play an important role in your adventure.

Torchlight: IDLE

-A Complete Transition to Mobile Platforms
To make the game more compatible with mobile platforms, the system greatly simplifies the control for players. You only need one hand to fight in real-time battles, thus putting all your focus on the strategic aspects, such as positioning, timing your skills, hero matching, etc., erasing the operating restrictions of the mobile platform, which causes inconvenience. Therefore, you may enjoy the game to the fullest.

Torchlight: IDLE
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