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Touhou Dungeon Battle

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 東方ダンジョンバトル (by ぷらすぜろ。)

Set in the fascinating world of Touhou Project,
A new hack and slash game “Touhou Dungeon Battle” is finally here!

東方ダンジョンバトル 放置系ハクスラ弾幕RPG

Explore the dungeon with Reimu,
Let’s get super rare equipment while fighting barrage battles with powerful enemies!

東方ダンジョンバトル 放置系ハクスラ弾幕RPG

More than 100 attractive characters have appeared,
Arranged BGM carefully selected from the Touhou series will liven up your adventure.

東方ダンジョンバトル 放置系ハクスラ弾幕RPG

Touhou Project fans, of course,
It is a work that I would like Hakusura game fans to play by all means.

Let’s go on an adventure journey with “Touhou Dungeon Battle”!

Available: Google Play / App Store – US, JP

東方ダンジョンバトル 放置系ハクスラ弾幕RPG
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