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Tower Conqueror

Official Launch – Global – EN + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Tower Conqueror (by MANDY ROCHELLE THORSEN)

Combining classic and innovative tower defense settings, the single static tower in the traditional way is transformed into a more agile hero form that catches your eyes and adds more playability.

Cutie characters, gorgeous scenes and a variety of classic gameplays are integrated. Break through the levels and fight, conquer and crusade for endless fun

Tower Conqueror

Strategy Brainstorming
Different lineups have different formations, different heroes have different combinations, any changes may affect the overall situation of the battle! Only by using your brainpower and strategizing can you win!

Tower Conqueror

Brilliant battle
Cool skills, heroes and enemy soldiers fight together, hundreds of skill effects to choose from, can be frozen, burned or thunderous, perfect micro-manipulation, subverting the traditional tower defense gameplay!

Tower Conqueror

Fight alongside
Join the guild, no longer be alone on the road of conquest, play together to experience the colorful world of tower defense and enjoy a unique new experience !

Tower Conqueror

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