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Tower Heroes

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Tower Heroes (by Plarium)

Battle your way through a realistic 3D tower defense RPG adventure.

Build a team of powerful heroes in your quest to defend your kingdom from the attacking horde!

Collect Powerful Defenders
You will command your heroes in epic tower defense battles. Get ready to train Knights for melee combat and summon Archers and Wizards for ranged attacks. In moments of peril, call on Angels and raise Demons to unleash their terror on your foes.

Realistic 3D Art
See every detail on your warriors’ faces and experience every scratch in their armor. Behold the sharpness of daggers, the pierce of arrows, and the magic of spells. Feel the power of every hit with cinematic animations and effects.

Tower Heroes

Strengthen Your Team
Level up, evolve, and ascend your heroes to become even stronger and take on more challenging quests. Make crucial RPG decisions that will determine the fate of your battles!

Tower Heroes

Use Amazing Skills
Rank up your heroes to unlock amazing skills that will keep your towers secure. Witness the growing power of each unique ability as they aid you on your quest!

Tower Heroes

Tactical Gameplay
Make real-time battle decisions that will determine the path of your adventure! Choose melee or ranged attacks and decide the perfect time to strike in action-packed tower defense combat!

Tower Heroes

Epic RPG Quests
Test your mettle in RPG campaign adventures. Use your tower defense combat skill to complete quests that take you from the castle walls to the heights of dangerous dungeons!

Tower Heroes

AFK Rewards
Continue to reap rewards when you log off! The further you progress in your adventures, the greater the bounty! Collect your quest loot when you log on!

Relax and watch your strategy unfold as your heroes are deployed according to your battle plan. Employ tower defense tactics as you see fit and let your team triumph over the enemy!

PvP Coming Soon
Prepare yourself for the upcoming release of real-time PvP battles! Join in the melee, or attack at range. Show your strength against others in your quest to prove that you are the greatest Commander.

Tower Heroes

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