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Tower of Sky

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of タワーオブスカイ (by XFLAG, Inc.)

[Official service scheduled to start at 12:00 on Tuesday, February 28]
[You can get an orb by pre-registering! ]
Pile up the blocks and go beyond the “empty”!
Tower of Sky is a “stacked tower puzzle RPG!”
You will become a tower builder and go on an adventurous journey with unique friends, aiming for the top floor of the tower in the sky!

The rules are simple!
The operation of the game is just moving and stacking “blocks”!
If the block piles up to the height of the enemy, it will attack the enemy!
Let’s build a huge tower while balancing the piled blocks so that they do not collapse!


Improve your stacking technique!
You can’t become strong just by stacking blocks properly!
Higher, more, more beautiful!
If you can stack the blocks well, a “trick” will occur and the character will become even stronger!


Collect and grow characters and equipment!
Get and grow characters with quests and gacha!
You will need various growth materials to strengthen your character.
Furthermore, by collecting equipment in quests, you can make your character even stronger!


Battle with everyone in battle mode!
Players can play against each other online!
Compete to see who can stack blocks faster and higher while hindering each other!
It’s time to see which stacking technique is better!

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

Official website

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