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Tower Quest: Pixel Idle RPG

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Tower Quest: Pixel Idle RPG (by Tundrawolfe Studio)

While idling, progress beyond your active max stage!
Tired of waiting for your strong army to finally find their matching foes? Go idle! Your army will fight for you, even beyond your previous max stage.

Our unique implementation even allows you to collect materials, gold and other loots dropped by the enemy while idling!

Tower Quest: Pixel Idle RPG

There are no ads in the Kingdom of Leandros. The King will always reward you fairly for your effort and wisdom in fighting the Thrakr Empire.

Tower Quest: Pixel Idle RPG

It’s more than the fight.
As a Commander of the Kingdom of Leandros, your talents will never go to waste. Take on Quests for more gold! Discover ancient relics! Brew potions! Craft items! Receive blessings! The old ways of mere brute force are now irrelevant.

Difficult and smart bosses.
The Thrakr Empire gives no mercy. If you are up for a challenge, take on the Paladins! (Warning: watch for their attacks & skills)

Tower Quest: Pixel Idle RPG

Constantly updated.
There will always be more things to do in the Kingdom of Leandros. Stay tuned.

Commander, an unprecedented crisis has fallen upon the Kingdom of Leandros! The King has summoned thee to deal with a new type of enemy sent by the treacherous Thrakr Empire – the Towers.

Tower Quest: Pixel Idle RPG

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