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💡 Platform – Android

The description of ToyClash (by Bolingo Games)

In “Toy Clash”, players can enjoy a brand-new card RPG battle + 3 turn-based combat gameplay. You need to charge the eliminated marbles through the bottom spring and launch the marbles to hit the monster. This unique fighting method will bring you a refreshing and intense game experience.

Bloody battle
Each doll has unique skills, and the 4 dolls carried can form unlimited strategic combinations. This provides players with a variety of tactical options, and you can also make flexible tactical adjustments according to different situations.
The game has 920 levels in the main line, each level is carefully designed, and each level has its own shortcut or confrontation idea, and it is still being updated. In these levels, players need to face various challenges, and different difficulty levels will also make the game more challenging.


Cute art
The unique AO painting method makes the image of 2D dolls present the realism of 3D modeling, coupled with the exquisite doll animation, each doll looks vivid and spiritual.
There are 21 doll series and more than 50 kinds of monster images in the game, which not only satisfy the collection desire of trendy game lovers, but also bring the ultimate visual enjoyment to players.


Interesting development
We provide a variety of development methods, including characteristics, trendy items, talent trees and attribute gems. You can choose the required attributes to cultivate according to your team’s needs, and enjoy the double fun of cultivation and matching.
In addition, we also provide a refinement system, you can refine your favorite dolls, so that each doll can become a super strong hexagonal warrior.


High-energy plot
You will play the protagonist Xiaoxing who is oppressed in the workplace. After accidentally getting the help of the doll Yuanbao, you will enter the wonderful “inner world”, beat the monster in the boss’s heart, and finally make the boss change his ways. After realizing the power of dolls, the protagonist is determined to collect more fashion dolls, destroy the monsters in the world, form his own “most trendy play group”, and fight for the beauty of the world!


Leader board
Novice Ranking – Compete with 99 other players from all over the world on the same stage, compete fairly with the number of stars obtained through the level, and finally share the 300,000 diamond prize.
Qualifying Match – Test with players from all over the world, continuously improve your rank in the process of breaking through the level, and win rich ranking rewards.

More activities
Super challenge, Elemental space, leisure park, Endless adventure… Whether it is a hardcore challenge full of wisdom and strategy, or a relaxing adventure, all in this “Toy Clash”!

Available: Google Play – PH


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