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The description of 트라하 글로벌 (by MOAI GAMES)

Traha Global, 7/28 CBT officially opened!
Traha Global’s CBT will be held for 6 days from 7/28 (Thu) to 8/2 (Tue).
If you participate in CBT and complete the survey, you will receive a “Tianpung Warrior Uniform” set at the time of the official launch!
Don’t miss the golden opportunity to get a set outfit along with participating in the Traha Global CBT!

Game Introduction

Endless confrontation between camps and their stories
Vulcan and Naiad have a history of gaps due to a long war
TRAHA will grow through fierce battles, competition, and cooperation between camps.
[Vulkan] [Niad] Choose one of the factions and become the protagonist in their story!

트라하 글로벌 CBT

A vast open field of overwhelming scale and detailed graphics
With Unreal Engine 4, 6 large-scale open fields with a size of 3 to 5 km have been implemented.
We invite you to a world of vivid and overwhelming scale!
Find, explore, and play the attractive points of regions with various concepts!

트라하 글로벌 CBT

Support for your own detailed customization
You can freely choose the gender and body type you want.
Make your own TRAHA through specific customization tasks such as face/body/skin!

트라하 글로벌 CBT

Unlimited gameplay experience support! Infinity class
7 types of battle classes can be freely exchanged with one character,
Depending on the class and weapon, you can act as a tank/dealer/healer.
Feel the pleasure of control and victory through various tactile skills such as charge and timing skills!

트라하 글로벌 CBT

Variety of living contents that allow you to feel the country life you have dreamed of
Acquire various life-related professional skills such as cooking, fishing, and mining
You can gather or craft various items that help you grow/combat.
Enjoy personalized life content just for you in the field of war and PVP!

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Available: Google Play – KR


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