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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of TRANSFORMERS ALLIANCE (by Snowpipe Inc.)

Participate in the final battle where the fate of the earth is at stake!

A hot battle of Transformers divided into Cybertron and Destron!

In “TRANSFORMERS ALLIANCE”, you can choose from two camps, Cybertron or Destron.
See for the first time a battle to win on Earth with Transformers from your camp!

There are various transformers around you such as Optimus Prime, Bumble, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave and more.
Scanner [AR (Augmented Reality)] In the content, when you scan the surrounding objects with the camera, it recognizes that it is a car or a smartphone!
By summoning Transformers from various objects, you can acquire and train battles and characters.

You can also expand the space of the camp to which you belong by attacking the base of the opponent’s camp while moving the actual map connected with GPS.


Various transformers are waiting for you right now.
Why don’t you join the battle with Transformers right now at “TRANSFORMERS ALLIANCE”!

Mission: Story
You can get various items by checking the story of each Transformer.
Please look forward to the story unique to Transformers!


Transformers are always beside you!
Find the Transformers hidden in your smartphone, laptop, tumbler, etc. now.
Battle with the Transformers you find and feel the joy of victory!


Protect the base! Pillage the base!
Build your own base and protect it from the Transformers of your opponent’s camp.
Also, try looting your opponent’s camp with your Transformers.

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