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Treasure Spawn Adventure

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Treasure Spawn Adventure (by Ohayoo)

This is a simple idle game. You need to
Kill monsters, open treasure chests, Obtain weapons and equipment
However, this is not only a simple game.

Treasure Spawn Adventure

Because we have:
Thousands of pieces of equipment with well made and unique style.
A lot of equipment special effects, not the monotonous numerical comparison.

Treasure Spawn Adventure

Each monster has its own characteristics and skills. How to restrain is also very important.
Each adventure is randomly generated, and the experience of hanging stakes is refused.

Treasure Spawn Adventure

Each profession has unique and rich talents, how to match it is up to you.
There are many kinds of equipment treasure chests, and you need to choose them at the right time to become stronger quickly.

Treasure Spawn Adventure
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