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Tribal Arrow Man

Official Launch – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Tribal Arrow Man (by Fun Game Mini Studio)

Tribal Arrow Man is a roguelike shooting adventure game with numerous maps and stages to be discovered. Build up a strong team or be a lone-wolf, will you be the best archer of the tribe? Let’s find out!

Game features.
Different RPG + Casual Roguelike gameplay. Challenge and relaxation, you can have both!

Tribal Arrow Man

Finish the monsters in your way or pet them, which path will you choose?

Fight alongside with your buddies, win the ultimate glory!

Tribal Arrow Man

Forge legendary equipment and learn powerful skills, no Bosses can stand in your way!

Collect extraordinary costumes, let’s see who is the best dresser in the tribe!

Tribal Arrow Man
Tribal Arrow Man

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