Tribal Heroes

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Tribal Heroes: 本格原始人ヒーロー放置RPG (by Sunice Limited)

Summon your tribal heroes in response to the ancient call!
Idle x turn-based RPG drawn in cartoon style
“Tribal Heroes”, rule the continent in the primitive age!

Easily get rewards by leaving
No matter how urgent you AFK, the tribes will earn rewards!
Get free gold, diamonds, heroes and other rewards!

Tribal Heroes: 本格原始人ヒーロー放置RPG

Unique tribes
There are six attributes of earth, water, fire, wood, darkness, and light, and more than 100 heroes appear!
Let’s adventure the primitive age with unique heroes!

Tribal Heroes: 本格原始人ヒーロー放置RPG

Your own strongest tribe
Each hero has unique skills!
Combine various heroes and organize your own strongest tribe!

Tribal Heroes: 本格原始人ヒーロー放置RPG

Full of replay elements
Full of replay elements such as expedition, tower in the sky, prison of hell, arena!
If you find something you are good at in your achievements, you will naturally become stronger!

Available: Google Play – JP

Tribal Heroes: 本格原始人ヒーロー放置RPG

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