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Trinity Gears

Early access(JP) – CBT + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of トリニティ・ギアーズ (by Exptional Global)

“Welcome to Trinity Base, Commander.”
Developed by ZIOFEE Studio and operated by NetEase Games, “Trinity Gears” is a battlefield tactical RPG where you command a “concept model” that looks exactly like a human girl.

World view
In 39 B.C., a mysterious organization called “Perimeter” appeared in a certain parallel world and began indiscriminate aggression against all mankind. The only ones who can compete with the “perimeter” are the girls called “concept models” who can create weapons out of nothing. Trinity Base in the waters of the South Pacific. You, the commander there, go to the battlefield with conceptual models (models) and swear to protect humanity from evil!


Strategy simulation where you can enjoy various tactics
A changing battlefield calls for different strategies in each stage. Give orders to characters with different characteristics, take advantage of their characteristics, and build a new legend!


Let’s protect the peace with girls who have the name of weapons
“Tactical armor (gear)” generated from nothing, it refers to a powerful weapon that far surpasses general weapons. And the girls called “concept models” are the only ones who can control the tactical armor (gears) necessary to fight the darkness. Grab victory with them!


Design with attention to detail
More than 65 types of “tactical armor (gear)” will appear in the game. All of its designs incorporate features such as real tanks and fighter planes, and are realistically reproduced. And character development not only strengthens power, but also changes the appearance and shape itself. Dominate the battlefield with tactical armor (gear) that has evolved into a new form!


A building system that allows you to freely customize your base
The building system not only allows you to build facilities, but also to distribute work and manage the entire Trinity base. At your command, Commander.

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Available: Google Play – Japan

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