Turret Craft

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Turret Craft (by NADA DIGITAL)

Endless Enemis, Defend until the end!

Complete your own differentiated strategies with various combinations of the Skills & Tower.
defend to the end against endless enemy attacks!!

Various Stages and Monsters
– Defend to the end on hundreds of increasingly powerful monsters and changing stages, and get a unique Artifact only for the stage!

Turret Craft

Various Unique Towers
– Clear more effectively by using towers with various abilities such as Single and AoE attack!

Endless tower growth
– Upgrade your own tower even more powerfully by enhancing the Artifacts acquired on the stage!

Turret Craft

Dozens of Skill combinations
– Collect dozens of skills, such as tower enhancement buffs, single targeting skills, and AoE skills.
Complete a special strategy with your own skill combination!

Exciting Real-time PvP
– Win the real-time PvP and be the best in Turret Craft!

Turret Craft

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