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Turret Evolution

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Turret Evolution (by Johnson Oliver)

 fun-filled merged tower defense game!
Leisure and strategy, relaxation and challenge, no matter you are a rookie or master of tower defense, Turret Evolution will bring you an extraordinary experience!

Turret Evolution

Merge your turret, design your battlefield, arm your homeland and fight to defend it!
Use your strategy to defend home, cursh the enemies with your towerts and soldiers!

Turret Evolution

Feature of Game

Design tower defense to frustrate the invasion of enemies and collect golds and rewards.
Merge and upgrade turrets while adopting suitable strategies to fight against different enemies.
Defeat the more powerful BOSS to unlock more advanced turrets and techs.

Turret Evolution

Highlight of Turret Evolution

[Infinite levels]
You can experience infinite levels in the game, please enjoy the fun of fighting
[Idle game ]
The battles can be done by fusing and upgrading your turrets without too many manual operations
[Diverse strategies and flexible matching]
Merge your turret and use a wide range of turrets to strike back different enemies of different traits.
[More themes of maps]
Snow, ocean, island, forest, desert, and many others to be seen in each theme of map!
[More hidden functions]
Super fancy tech system to boost your power and help you win!

Turret Evolution
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