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Twilight Siege

Early Access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Twilight Siege (by Patrick Er)

At the beginning of time, the Father of Gods, Paladin, painted stars in the skies. Tired from work, he laid down and fell into a slumber…

In his dreams, he saw his children, born from his thoughts and heartbeat. The gods quarreled all the time, and there was never-ending strife.

Eventually, the world fell apart…

Paladin was jolted awake, and shocked to find the world a different color. The stars had disappeared from the skies, and all that remained was darkness.

Twilight Siege

The line between life and death was blurred as millions of lives had been plunged into an abyss of misery.

Where was the order? Where was the law? What happened to the gods’ teachings? Where were his children?

Paladin desperately tried to summon his children, but all that answered him was a voice repeating a prophecy:

Twilight Siege

Every ten thousand years, the laws will fail and the world will be thrown into disorder. Heaven and earth will be flipped, and the stars will vanish. All beings will perish and turn into dust. Everything comes full circle, and the old gods will fall from their reign.

It wasn’t the gods giving up on humanity. It was the world giving up on the gods.

It was a destined calamity… The crisis of the gods.

Twilight Siege

Western-fantasy world with stunning visuals and audio
Heroes with distinct personalities, spectacular maps and graphics, and immersive battles! Experience the most HD sword and sorcery world on your mobile device!

Idle and relaxing
Busy with work and other activities? Simply earn EXP and rewards by being AFK, and enjoy the thrill of leveling up!

Twilight Siege

Tap and battle
Change your formation, switch your positions, strategize and turn the tide in battles!

Great selection of Heroes
Collect unique Heroes, and explore various skills and strategies! Team up Heroes as you like, and form your favorite squad!

Random Surprises
Random buildings, random items, random events… Sandbox gameplay with random elements to bring you a different experience every time you play the dungeon!”

Twilight Siege
Legions Of Conquest

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