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Two Ways Lite

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The description of Two Ways Lite

‘Two Ways’ is an interactive movie game in which every scene moves.
Immerse yourself in the story unfolding in front of your eyes like an animation.
Your choice with the fate of a family! Change your ending with a meaningful choice.
Depending on your choice, you can feel 9 different fate.

Two Ways Lite

When it comes to choosing something, people usually make good choices.
Are you? If so, how far can you keep good faith?

In situations where there is no threat, most of them will be good people.
But if it isn’t, people will make a slightly different choice.
The choice can be selfish or selfish for others.
It will also change the fate of others by choice.

Two Ways Lite

When people make different choices, what choices can we make?
Will we be able to keep a good faith choice then?

The zombie virus makes the world an asura.
Viruses are spreading, and treatment is scarce.

Two Ways Lite

The peaceful village is sealed off, and the nearest neighbor becomes the closest enemy.
A desperate situation in which someone else’s remedy must be taken away for a loved one.

Does it make sense to be good in such a place?

You are a young girl’s uncle James, who doesn’t know when to turn into a zombie.
To treat a little girl, you must have a cure.

But even that was taken away by someone else.
At this point, your brother will suggest.

“James, let’s steal the remedy from that house!
We’ve been chasing too! It’s all like that! “

What choices can you make?
Does good choice make sense?

Two Ways Lite
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