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Tycoon City: Call me boss

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Tycoon City (by EYOUGAME)

“I was once a successful investor but was betrayed and lost everything. Humiliated and frustrated, I swear I’ll get back what was mine, even if it means to make a deal with the devil!”

“Tycoon City: Call me boss” is an idle-styled entrepreneurial simulation(sims) game where players can experience the life of a corporate CEO. This game lets you start up your business from scratch, devise management plans, and eventually take it to the top. Make friends with big shots, build your business empire and experience the ups and downs in the commercial world now!

【The Path to a CEO】
Has it occurred to you of how the life of a CEO is like? Start up a business, negotiate with people, join clubs and compete with rivals – this game throws you real-life situations along your entrepreneurial journey.

Tycoon City: Call me boss

【Indulge in Extravagance】
Villas, sports cars, beauties, luxuries…… ever wondered how it feels to be crazy rich? Here’s where your billionaire dream comes true!

Tycoon City: Call me boss

【Build Your Business Empire】
No man is an island. Recruits elites and cultivate employees so they can build a new business legend with you. You could be the next Soros!

Tycoon City: Call me boss

【Lush Graphics and Intriguing Storyline】
It’s not just business, be ready to immerse yourself in a captivating story where you encounter various people. Create your own club to earn Gold and build a business empire. How you grow your empire is your call!

【Become a Billionaire Overnight】
You will be a boss of a big corporation with more than ten thousand employees on the payroll. Make a killing and be on the Forbes magazine!

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Tycoon City: Call me boss
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