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Undead World: Hero Survival

Official Launch(Global) + Apk

💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Undead World (by Double Down)

One by one, the great nations of man fell to the zombie hordes.
Survivors are lost, struggling to find food and shelter.
But in times of great despair, heroes will emerge.

BATTLE: Zombies and Rivals!
Countless zombie swarms are threatening human extinction and there are those who take advantage of this new world in chaos.
Don’t trust anyone but your allies and friends!
Defeat zombies and be wary of your rivals.
Only the strongest and most cunning will survive!

Undead World: Hero Survival

RECRUIT: Legendary Heroes!
Recruit strong heroes who will not be defeated by anyone!
Those heroes will be with you until the end of your adventure.
They will help you survive, they will help you prosper, they will help you conquer.

Undead World: Hero Survival

LEVEL UP: Heroes & Dominate Hordes!
Give your heroes the tools to become unbeatable.
Outfit your heroes with strong equipment and train them to become fearless zombie slayers!

Undead World: Hero Survival

ASSEMBLE: A Powerhouse Team!
No matter how strong a hero is, they cannot beat the undead threat alone.
Build your team of heroes that combines their strengths for maximum effect.
Make your heroes even stronger by combing them to fight with allies from their respective factions.

Undead World: Hero Survival

COMPETE: Against Other Guilds!
Join a guild alongside other survivors and work together to defeat powerful bosses.
Dominate and conquer the lands with your allies and friends.

Undead World: Hero Survival

EARN REWARDS: While You’re Away!
Even if take a break, your heroes will still be working for you.
They continue their adventure as they prepare for you to come back and guide them.
Once you return to Undead World, your heroes will be waiting for you to make them stronger.

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Undead World: Hero Survival
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