Early access(CBT)

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 언디셈버 – UNDECEMBER (by LINE Games)

Anyone can take part in the unpacking test!
In the unpacking test from October 13 to October 19

✪ NOT CHANGED – Original RPG
Interesting worldview, right up to growth through battle and farming
The fun and emotion created by the pursuit of the true value of unchanging role play.


✪ UNEXPECTED – Hack and crush expectations
Pleasure of chasing battles culminated in a chopping blow
Experience an amazing battle that surpasses your expectations in a variety of themes and maps.


✪ UNLIMITED – endless skills
Created with Skill Runes and Link Runes
Thousands of skill combinations and endless battles


✪ UNDEFINED – undefined class
no class choice
Fun that can be nurtured and modified to suit your preferred fighting style

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💡 APK not available – use VPN (KR)


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