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Under Survival : SIMULATION

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Under Survival : SIMULATION (by Dreamplay Games)

Through exploration of the cursed shelter, the human race has discovered powerful equipment, resources, and gene-altering viruses.
Your objective is to harvest these items of great human advancement and return to base safely.
Mankind has underestimated the number of plague monsters on it’s quest for the cursed shelter.A massive counterattack by the infection monsters has begun!
Stop the monster’s attack that threatens the survival of mankind and stay alive to the end!

Under Survival : SIMULATION

A thrilling expedition system for only survival!
Mission about collecting various material of surviving and experience fast and breathtaking battles!

Under Survival : SIMULATION

Construction and operation of various production facilities.
Residency happiness management and strategic facility layout.

Various equipment collection and production.
Experience the thrill of intense online invade(PvP) battle between real players!

Under Survival : SIMULATION

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