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Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike

Official Launch

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike (by Wired Dreams Studio)


Your character has 3 distinct abilities, each one being necessary for a successful run, however every one of them consumes your stamina that recovers with turns so use them wisely.

Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike


Cut through the enemies in a straight line dealing damage on them if you have your sword or dodging through them if you have no sword

Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike


Jump from a square to another, dealing stun effect on the enemies around if you have your sword or only pushing them if you have no sword.

Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike


Throw your sword on an enemy dealing damage. The movements cost less Stamina when you are unarmed. You can catch your sword back mid dash or on a jump killing some enemies using less Stamina.

Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike


Combine your abilities to oversmart the enemies and find the best move for every turn.

Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike
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