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Underworld Office


The description of Underworld Office

Another original story game after “7days”, a masterpiece game with over 4 million global cumulative downloads!

Underworld Office is an interactive mystery storytelling game with a very interesting worldview and chat style. Experience a thrilling mystery episode with a variety of ghost characters that are twisted somewhere, but also cute and knowledgeable.

Interesting story
The protagonist Eugene accidentally falls into a haunted world, and the moment she almost dies from evil spirits, she escapes the danger of dying with the help of an unknown ghost. However, the ghost demands work from the ghost station office in exchange for saving his life…

Underworld Office

“I have a lot of wrongdoing to close, so I don’t have enough hands. Work at the ghost office.”

What is your choice?
During a mysterious adventure, you will encounter a variety of situations, and you will come to a moment when a decision is needed. Please choose carefully and carefully. The story depends on the choice.

Underworld Office

Game features
-Light novel style mysterious text adventure game
-Various supporting characters that are attractive and unique
-Enjoy a fantastic world drawn with over 40 short animations and 150 illustrations.
-Find 7 multi endings and sub routes in a variety of options.
-Collect 25 titles and 60 album illustrations.

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Underworld Office

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