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Unknown Bride (Jp)

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The description of Unknown Bride

What is “Unknown Bride”?
This is a Devil’s Armed Forces RPG with a variety of training systems and a simple leaving function.
Set in the demon world where human thoughts lead you to the path of extinction, unique demons play an active role under your command.

Unknown Bride (Jp)

Give the Holy Sword Dyne Sliff to those who have the qualities of a hero to destroy the demon world.
Invited by the words, you headed for the castle with the hero candidates across the country.

However, what was waiting in the castle was a ceremony of despair.
Power is lost, life is sucked, and the body collapses like sand.
When the light of life was about to go out, the voice of a mysterious girl echoed in your head.

“I will save your life. Instead, make me a crimson clan!”
–The girl who was supposed to be the Demon King and your destiny, who is nobody, intersect.

Unknown Bride (Jp)

Various difficulties await you in the demon world that you, the human, have entered on the edge of death.
Let’s solve the obstacles that occur in each place based on the Demon Castle and become the true Demon King.

In “Unknown Bride”, Live2D® is installed in some of the demons.
In addition, we have added voices to some monsters and characters related to the main story.
Please come and see the demons who are active in battles and stories.

Unknown Bride (Jp)

Battle system
Place up to 12 units in a free space,
We adopt a turn-based command line battle to watch the battle situation that is unfolded automatically.
Make a strategy while considering the positions and roles of the enemy and ally, abilities and their effect range,
The key to victory is the ability to use the raised units more effectively.
Of course solo battle with various enemies in the story,
You can collaborate with other players to challenge strong opponents and compete against other players for victory or defeat.

Unknown Bride (Jp)

Various training elements
With a training system with compelling elements such as strengthening and building abilities
You can customize your own monster.
We also have functions such as expedition that allow you to obtain the materials necessary for training even outside the play time.

Dear quest
We have prepared a dedicated quest to build a dear relationship with demons.
You can deepen your friendship with your favorite monsters and make vows to each other’s bonds.

Construction of Demon Castle
The base of the Demon King castle will be remodeled as you grow.
Build a castle suitable for the devil and show its majesty to the demon world.

Unknown Bride (Jp)
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