Unknown: Evolution

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The description of Unknown: Evolution (by Unknown Person)

Propel city is the most important city built by human in the abyss and it has been a bridgehead for humanity to explore the abyss for hundreds of years.
However, the evil magic used by demons disabled the magic-protection system of propel city.

Unknown: Evolution

Demons can invade and occupy propel city without any hesitation. Although the city lord has assigned personnel to fix magic system urgently, he faced a new problem.

Unknown: Evolution

Propel city need more armed forces to deal with waves of enemies. The city lord decided to recruit adventurers to support the city’s defense.
Your are one of the adventurers who responded to the recruitment of the city lord. Your mission is simple!
Go and kill the invading enemies.

Unknown: Evolution

Survive until the magic system repairing is completed.
Good luck!

Unknown: Evolution

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