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Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG (by CookApps)

An unknown knight wakes up from a long sleep of 700 years.
The adventure to fight the Abyssal Lord begins now!

Create your own knights with characters of various position
and go on an adventure.
Pixel Action RPG Game, Unknown Knights!

My own ‘Battle Strategy Deck’ made by combining characters of various positions.
– Warrior/Tank/Mage/Assassin/Supporter/Sniper Characters of various occupations.
– If you combine characters from the same position, a synergy effect is activated!
– Use various skill effects to create your own battle strategy deck!

Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

Upgrade the knight’s skill, ‘Knight weapon’
– Upgrade your skills by equipping your character with weapons!
– Experience great battles in PVP and PVE with stronger skills!

Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG

‘Knights Territory’ that can produce various products
– Raise your knights and expand your territory!
– Various types of buildings such as Bakeries/Training centers/Request offices.
– Produce items necessary for battle through territory activities!

Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG
Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG
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