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Unsung Knight – Now on Android

Official Launch(Android)

💡Platform – Android | Steam

The description of Unsung Knight (by Cole Game Studio)

“Unsung Knight” is a card game that combines Roguelike elements. Build your unique deck, collect powerful props, and then defeat the Lord of Darkness to save the Legion!

Everyone in the Holy Crusader was teleported to every corner of the universe by the Lord of Darkness. An unknown knight returned to the original world. He had a mission to defeat the Lord of Darkness and save the entire army.

Unsung Knight

Deck building
There is no limit to the number of cards you can carry, but choose your cards carefully.
After defeating the monster, there will be three different cards for you to choose; there are springs on each map, in which you can buy cards and delete cards; after defeating the boss, you can buy cards in the forest shop.

Unsung Knight

Powerful props
Every time you open the treasure chest, you will be given different items. Items can change the attributes of your card, your energy limit, increase the blood volume of Unsung Knight, etc.

Unsung Knight

Random event
Mysterious events bring more possibilities to the game.

On every map without a boss, a portal will appear when all monsters are defeated, and the portal can be teleported to the next area.
In the last level of each chapter, the unknown knight will fight with the boss, and a portal will appear when the boss is defeated.

Unsung Knight

Game Features
Dynamically constructed deck: 97 cards, choose your cards carefully, and use combinations and collocations to exert strength and defeat the enemy.
Powerful props: 27 props, each of which has different effects combined with different cards.
Unique enemies: 50 unique enemies, each enemy has a different deck, different ways of playing cards.
Random events: 15 different events.

Unsung Knight
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