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The description of 噩托邦UTOPIA (by Morefun Technology Limited)

If the world is real, how do you prove it is real? If the world is false, how do you know it is false?
“Utopia” is a Cyberpunk-themed action card collision mobile game. In the future, with highly advanced technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has developed to the culmination stage and is “perfectly” integrated into human life. From the national defense weapon satellite network to the smart terminal for daily necessities, it penetrates every detail of life all the time and everywhere. The super network connects the world as a whole, each network node is a neuron, and the highest brain master is called the “prophet”…

[Game Features]

Explore the truth of the world
What is the super AI [Prophet] hiding? What is the secret of the quantum computer [Galaxy]? How did the most powerful Internet virus [Apocalypse] come into being? [Followers], [Wanderers], [Saboteurs] Who holds the truth? What conspiracies are being planned by [Freedom League], [Bell Chamber of Commerce], [Black Three Creatures] and [Darkland]? Are there hidden lies in the “truth” of the world?


Cultivate deadly killers
The most indispensable thing in “Utopia” is a deadly killer who is good at assassination, firearms, fighting, blasting and other methods. Recruit them to form their own [Hunting Squad]. Do your best to train, upgrade, and genetically modify them. Put them on equipment to improve their combat effectiveness. The enemy you will face is stronger than you think.


Industry in the business district
“Free Port” is an important economic and resource production place in “Utopia”. The resources of different output of shops are also different. To guard the shop, the hunter needs to be in town, and to rob another’s shop, you also need to defeat the hunter who is in the town. Having a strong hunter is a prerequisite for protecting one’s own industry. You can choose to concentrate your efforts to protect and operate an industry you need most, or you can sweep the entire Freeport when your strength is strong.


Resist the invasion of viruses
In “Utopia”, in addition to facing enemies from different forces, we must always be careful. Suddenly invaded “Internet viruses”, they will suddenly appear in “Internet links” and within a certain period of time Disappear, so don’t hesitate to eliminate them as quickly as possible when encountering Internet viruses.


Challenge the dream space
In “Nighttopia Utopia”, there are many places where you can improve the strength of the “Hunter”. “Dream Space” is one of them. Unlike other team enemies, in “Dream Space” you only need to challenge each time the opponent One, every BOSS in the “Dream Space” is extremely powerful, and it is difficult to win easily even with a small team. Optimizing the team configuration according to the opponent’s skill characteristics is the best way to win.

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