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Vagrant’s Castle

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Vagrant’s Castle (by Runewaker Entertainment)

After leaving the dull life within the walls of the big city, you arrived in the realm of magic. The vast landscape eased your troubled mind, but the onslaught of demons shattered the tranquility, nearly taking your life!

Vagrant's Castle

Luckily, in that moment of peril, you unexpectedly activated an ancient tower, temporarily repelling the first wave of demons. However, both this mysterious tower and the ancient land seem to hold many secrets. Why are there three heroes on the tower? Why do they automatically repel attacking monsters?

Vagrant's Castle

And why do the demons keep coming? But let’s not worry about that for now. As long as you keep leveling up, even if you lie down, this tower will continue to help you fend off the monsters, giving you a peaceful journey~ Follow the tower and explore the realm of magic, traveler!

Vagrant's Castle

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