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Vahn’s Quest – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Vahn’s Quest (by Super Planet)

Where does the strength of the Knights Templar end?! Infinite Growth Idle RPG!
– Challenge endless battles, adventures, and stages!
– Get rewards thanks to AFK automatic hunting?! Grow endlessly!
– ‘Double speed’ battles and ‘1 Second Skip’ in boss battles! The pleasure of super-speed progression!

Vahn's Quest

Heroes full of personality! Let’s nurture them on our own!!
– Your hero is weak? Make him grow until he gets 8 stars with the grade upgrade!
– Your own hero group that grows infinitely by collecting relics and strengthening skills!
– Craft hero-customized (DIY) equipment at the blacksmith and get stronger!
– More than 60 attractive costumes! Visual and ability UP!

Vahn's Quest

Make auto-battle more fun! Let’s set up a strategy and play smartly!
– Deploying heroes will get you a buff! Let’s lead the battle more advantageously!
– Each time you tap the Fire Spirit, you deal extra damage to enemies! Make battles easier!
– Support the fighting power of the supporter knights! Take advantage of heroes who do not participate in battle!

Vahn's Quest

Defeat the dungeon boss to get an item?! Let’s grow into strong heroes!

A mini-game in an RPG?! A treasure dungeon where you can get gold and have fun

Who will be the strongest? A bout between knights from all over the world! (PVP)

Vahn's Quest
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