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Valhalla Legends: Match 3 RPG

Early access – New Test – Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Valhalla Legends (by Valhalla Legends)

Valhalla Legends: Match 3 RPG, a brand new FREE game, promises you a gripping and immersive gaming experience!

Based on Norse mythology, Valhalla Legends: Match 3 RPG invites you to embark on a great adventure in the majestic fantasy world of Asgard, home to the gods of the Æsir tribe.

In this game, you will take on the role of an esteemed hero who is called upon to defend Asgard when Ragnarok, an overwhelming disaster, befalls this magical world. Form powerful match 3 combos and clear levels to boost your power, recruit legendary heroes, and build your own army to resist the villainous enemies!

Will Asgard overcome the perils that beset it? Download the game and take action to help Asgard start a new chapter in its woeful history NOW!

Game Features:

A Classic Match 3 Puzzle Game With RPG Elements
Enjoy a game of strategy for all, inspired by Norse mythology! Solve match 3 puzzles to fight monsters and acquire equipment, supplies, and power-ups to make you stronger!

Valhalla Legends: Match 3 RPG

Gripping Dialogues and Stories
Immerse yourself in this role-playing game where you’re a legendary superhero! In the game, you’ll take on the role of Andersen, commander of the Asgard Legion, who leads a group of heroes to resist the enemies.

Valhalla Legends: Match 3 RPG

A Range of Quests and Challenging Levels
Expect engrossing main quests and side quests! You’ll need all your powers of strategy to solve these challenging conundrums. Various skills can be used to form match 3 combos and attack your enemies. Give them a try—but watch out for your enemies’ attacks!

Valhalla Legends: Match 3 RPG

Amazing Visuals and Magnificent Scenes
A feast for the eyes awaits! Gorgeous visuals will give you the perfect game experience. Stunning scenes set in Asgard ensure you’re gripped by the story.

Fabulous Heroes
Multiple powerful heroes, each with a range of skills, can be summoned as the game unfolds. They will be your loyal companions and friends. Build your unique and invincible army with them, then fight together and win the day!

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Valhalla Legends: Match 3 RPG

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